What are people saying about DWE?

Why Drone World Expo?

“We were thrilled to have met with end users in all of our target markets agriculture, construction, insurance and mining.  So many of the attendees walking the floor did their research about the industry and came ready to buy, seeing the huge ROI in using drone technology. The Drone World Expo education program was great – providing end users with compelling and informative reasons to invest in drone technology. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

– Rosalie Bartlett, Marketing Manager, Kespry

“This was our first time at Drone World Expo and we were very impressed with the audience which was the right mix of users, operators and producers.  This event is what the industry needs – an opportunity for real businesses to find solutions for their real needs.  We will definitely be back in 2017.”

– John Sheehan, Leader, Commercial Aviation Inspection Service, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

“Drone World Expo delivered an excellent conference which brought us a lot of good leads.  The event is helping to build a stronger community.”

– Steve Snow, Marketing Specialist, Esri

"I really liked the fact that they had such a diverse collection of people [on the Advisory Board], from industry, legislation, investment, science and innovation. The skills experience and expertise that this group bring to the table is quite remarkable. I also like the fact that this conference represents a true cross section of the industry. I see other conferences that are more focused on one aspect or another but in their own words, 'the DWE conference program will provide a road map for the application and deployment of drone solutions and key insights for participants into how to measure and maximize on the value drones can add to commercial businesses.' "

Dr. Iain Kerr, CEO, Ocean Alliance

"Every conference that I attended was like watching an informative, riveting documentary, and they made me excited about the technology and promise of drones in the world."

– David Parsons, JSP Farms

"It is important for Skyward to attend events where we can both network with drone industry partners as well as spend time with commercial operators. Drone World Expo is bringing together some of the leaders in the drone industry and creating innovative programming for end users."

– Jonathan Evans, CEO, Skyward

"The best part about Drone World Expo is that everyone in the industry is represented here, giving us an opportunity to do business with both the attendees and the other exhibiting companies. We had a great turn out for our Tech Talk presentation, and were thrilled that Lia Riech, our VP of Marketing was able to participate in the Women of Commercial Drones panel, that was a dynamic discussion for the industry."

– Alex Moss, Communications and Account Manager, PrecisionHawk

"Drone World Expo provided an excellent introduction to how UAVs are currently used in a variety of industries and professions, as well as giving a preview of what's to come in this most important technology. The presentations were superb, with lots of opportunities for questions and discussion. The exhibits were very educational and provide a good opportunity to meet vendors."

– Steve Greenberg, President, Arcadian Shield

"It was unbelievable how many people came through our booth these past two days. We were pleasantly surprised how many cinematographers were here, and many were very interested in our product. We are based in Pennsylvania so it's great to be in the heart of Silicon Valley and meet with so many key players."

– Justin Miller, Co-Founder, AirNest

"We are happy to be a part of Drone World Expo. We have had a huge amount of interest in our product. It is great to see the industry evolving in a positive way for commercial use."

– Andre Vargas, Integration and Applications Engineer, Riegl USA

"Two great days packed with demonstrations, information, networking, and presentations. Impressive turn out for 2015 and looking forward to a bigger 2016."

– Matthew Baker, Owner, Stunning Heights

"Exhibits were excellent, vendors were informative - a great learning experience. Marking my calendar for next years event."

– Edward Rehnstrom, Professional Photographer, EER Photography

"The Drone World Expo was fantastic in 2015, and can only get better next year! There was ample space to show off the latest drones and technology, as well as live flight demonstrations by the industry's leading manufacturers, and entrepreneurs. I can't wait to see what they have in store for 2016!"

– Travis Hailston, Technical Support Analyst, Parrot, Inc.

"We have had quite a week. Last Friday we were featured on Shark Tank and got a million dollar investment for our pro filters and then we came here to San Jose to participate in Drone World Expo and have had a really great show."

– Austen Butler, Vice President, Polar Pro

"I was proud to be invited to serve on the Advisory Board for the upcoming Drone World Expo after spending time working in commercial robotics and learning the nuances of this exciting culture. The organizers' vision of focusing specifically on commercial applications, end-user requirements, customer matchmaking and real world business cases is the perfect mix for a successful event.  Hosting the event in Silicon Valley, which is the heart of technology development for commercial drones, is a great strategy and I look forward to helping shape the content of this flagship event with the rest of the all-star advisory board."

– Gretchen West, Senior Advisor of Innovation and Technology, Hogan Lovells; Drone World Expo Master of Ceremonies

"I chose Drone World Expo because it was focused and organized from the very beginning, with an insightful Board of Advisors involved in helping to make it a great conference about drones."

– Eric Cheng, Photographer, Eric Cheng Photography

"This is a serious conference, without the hype or fluff. Serious players are involved at the top level, with serious issues discussed at the conference and use case level. High impact leaders and some of most influential people in drones will meet here, and they’ll learn and teach and make valuable connections; I’m confident it’s a conference that will help advance the industry, where people will get things done."

– Colin Guinn, CRO, 3D Robotics

“We chose to participate in Drone World Expo because we believe it will attract the largest, most diverse and highest quality participants.  Our research has shown there are a lot of venture capital, start-up and entrepreneur interest in UAS for geospatial in Silicon Valley, and we are confident the San Jose location of Drone World Expo will provide us access and exposure to those individuals and an opportunity to engage in a dialogue with them.”

– John Palatiello, Executive Director, MAPPS

“A big perk of living next to Silicon Valley is access to emerging technology and thinking that can help solve big environmental problems.  Data and science are critical to finding solutions and drones have been an interesting tool for conservationists to capture unique information about our world. We now have the ability to quantify conservation success for our projects so we know what’s working and where we need to make improvements. It’s an honor to represent the conservation community at Drone World Expo as my colleagues and I showcase how drones are helping to solve critical environmental problems to a highly sophisticated crowd.

– Matt Merrifield, CTO, The Nature Conservancy of California

“We are very excited to finally see some real traction with enterprises and their utilization of drones for commercial applications. We have been advocating the significant commercial value of this former military technology for years. I believe our friends at Drone World Expo are doing it right. They are bringing together the right companies and their leading-edge products/services along side forward-thinking enterprises to begin to prove the significant ROI drones can bring to their organizations." 
Nelson Paez, Chief Executive Officer, DreamHammer

 “I am excited to be a part of the Drone World Expo conference as I believe it will become a gold standard among events in this industry. Our client, the California State Parks System, will be presenting a case study that will provide their fellow end users with exclusive access to information that can be applied to their businesses. We look forward to gathering, networking and sharing best practices at DWE.” 
– Eileen Shibley, CEO, Monarch Inc.

“Drones can be programmed to transport materials, set building components etc. which paves the way to fully/partially automated construction. These disruptive technologies are going to change the way we build and operate in the future. We are excited to learn from end-users in other commercial markets and to team up with technology providers and industry leaders to push the envelope in this area.”
– Chidambaram Somu, Virtual Construction Manager, DPR Construction

"Aligning UAVUS with Drone World Expo is a great opportunity for us to further promote the commercial use of civilian UAVs for aerial imaging. Drone World Expo is the right event, coming at the right time, for videographers that want to prepare themselves for the exciting business opportunities that are sure to come."  
– Bob Gonsalves, United States Association of Unmanned Aerial Videographers

“We have been and will continually be involved with a good number of events and conferences, but the Drone World Expo stands out given its emerging position as THE leading conference in the US that addresses all issues related to the business of drones.”
– Tony Carmean, CMO & Founding Partner, Aerial MOB (via UAS Vision)

“Today, DJI products are redefining industries. Professionals in filmmaking, agriculture, conservation, search and rescue, energy infrastructure, and more trust DJI to bring new perspectives to their work and to help them accomplish feats safer, faster, and with greater efficiency than ever before.  We are thrilled to be a platinum sponsor of Drone World Expo, whose attendees will truly represent the industries we serve.” 
– Eric Cheng, Director of Aerial Imaging, DJI

"I am excited to see an event that focuses on true commercial applications and provides a collaborative forum to discuss the current challenges of the market."
– Jesse Kallman, Head of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs, Airware

“We find ourselves at a significant moment for the UAS community, and at a critical time for UAS policymaking.  This event could not come at a better time.  I believe in “polivation” – bringing policymakers and innovators together to promote innovation.  Anyone interested in growing this dynamic industry should attend this important event.” 
Lisa Ellman, Global UAS Practice Co-Chair, Hogan Lovells

"This is a unique time in history where the technology readiness of Unmanned Systems (UxS) for robust operations has been rapidly increasing during the last decade. This progress can be attributed in large part to U.S. military systems which have contributed more than 90% of the funding and operational hours towards these disruptive technologies. However, Federal agencies such as the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) have been demonstrating the viability of unmanned platforms as civilian scientific observing systems. Interagency UxS coordination, best practices, and roadmaps are shared to ensure increased efficient, effective, economical, and environmentally friendly multi-mission operations. Commercial applications are beginning to literally "take-off", and it's fantastic to be a part of it!"
– John “JC” Coffey, Director, Cherokee Nation Unmanned Systems supporting NOAA UAS Program Office

“As true aviation experts we are excited to see the Drone World Expo bring together companies with the requisite level of experience for positive UAS influence on a national and global scale. We’re excited to collaborate to move the industry forward to maximize the utility of the resources available to us and to build on existing engineering capabilities and the broad body of knowledge possessed by ourselves and our peers.”
– Matt Parker, UAS Operations Director, Precision Integrated

“Integration of commercial UAS into the National airspace presents a unique set of challenges for the industry, the regulatory agencies and the potential end users. As a news agency we are particularly excited about the advantages that UAS can bring to our storytelling – adding greater context and understanding for our news consumers. Drone World Expo provides the forum for all interested to collaborate and educate as we work towards a safe, efficient UAS “eco-system.”
– Greg Agvent, Senior Director, News Operations, CNN

Why Drone World Expo?
“Because it has some of the foremost leaders and thinkers in the industry… there are some conferences that are merely about sales (a critical part of success) but I saw clearly that Drone World Expo not only wanted to connect people for good business but to assist in helping with a vision for the future.”
– Michael Drobac, Executive Director, Small UAV Coalition

“MAPPS is thrilled to be part of Drone World Expo. We believe UAVs will play an integral role in the future of surveying and mapping, and it is vitally important we lead the discussion in terms of investment, technology, applications and regulations.  MAPPS looks forward to presenting quality content on the geospatial market for UAVs at Drone World Expo.”
– John Palatiello, Executive Director, MAPPS