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Manu Pillai

Undergraduate Student, Electronics and Communication, Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering

Manu M Pillai is the Lead Design and Management Head at Team Vyoma which is a student run team noted to compete in DBF, SAE and IMAV since its inception. He has been a part of Team Vyoma for 4 years since freshmen year of engineering. With every year his skill to solve problem statements in the best way possible with minimum resources grows. It started with small projects in college like building a hover craft and with time he has had many milestones in his journey. His design proposal for DBF 2017 secured first place in the world. His design proposal for IMAV 2017 was impressive which lead the IMAV Committee to reduce the registration fee for Team Vyoma to participate. Thereby winning the registration sponsorship for which many teams from around the world were competing for. He understands the potentials and limitations of the aerospace domain and is always keen on finding ways to overcome the latter. He holds amateur Radio Telegraph license in United States of America (KBUIS) and India (VU3MIV). He is a student member of the AIAA and hopes to contribute to make earth a greener place to live in.