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Scott Gregory

FAA-Certified UAS Operator, Remote Sensing Program Manager, Ag One Solutions

Scott Gregory is the Remote Sensing Program Manager at Ag One Solutions, a Trimble Company that provides precision agriculture services and GPS guidance systems to growers in northern California, Nevada, Oregon, and points beyond. Scott collects and analyzes all kinds of different agricultural data for large farms and agrochemical companies, from calibrated multispectral imagery collected using a drone, to soil electroconductivity mapping and yield mapping using ground-based systems. Those different layers of information can then be overlaid using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to reveal some very powerful information that informs and guides grower’s management decisions, allowing them to reduce their input costs, control crop stressors more efficiently, use resources more efficiently, and increase crop yields. Drones provide a very convenient way of carrying some of the sensors that Scott uses in his day-to-day work.