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Maria Stefanopoulos

Production Manager, ABC News

Maria Stefanopoulos is an Emmy Award Winning Production Manager for ABC News, Good Morning America. She feels very passionately about using drones to enhance storytelling for journalists and believes they're a great tool which allows viewers to experience the scope and scale of an event like never before. She loves when drones are used as stedicams, jibs and helicopters and believes they provide the most compelling vantage that captivates viewers. 


Maria was responsible for the production of GMA's LIVE drone coverage over the erupting Bardarbunga Volcano in central Iceland, where viewers were able to see the volcano from just 380 feet above. She also managed the production of GMA's "Hidden Worlds, Son Doong" show, from uncharted terrain in a place where there's no map of a route, inside the world's largest cave system hidden deep in the jungle of Central Vietnam, 8,000 miles away from ABC's studio.  This show won the News and Documentary category at the 2016 NYC Drone Film Festival. Two of her most recent LIVE productions included using the very latest in drone technology to watch a daring team of elite ice climbers venture down into a vertical ice drop located in the Breidamerkurjokull glacier in Southeast Iceland, where researchers and scientists study formations to understand how the ice melts and sweeps into the ocean. This past February, she managed another epic GMA expedition, this time LIVE on safari from Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, where 2 drones and 3 other cameras were launched on a mission to find animals near extinction. During this amazing journey, the drones came face to face with lions, elephants, rhinos and hippos, all in their natural habitat.  The best part is that before drone technology, showing the world these marvels in such a way wouldn't have been possible. Maria has experienced a feat that's unprecedented in television history.