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Tom Madigan

Commander, Alameda County Sheriff's Office

Commander Tom Madigan is a 20-year veteran of law enforcement. He is currently assigned as a Commander for the Alameda County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) Countywide Services Division which includes the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (OES), Crime Lab and Coroner's Bureau, as well as Court Services. Commander Madigan has previously served as a SWAT Team Leader, Detective Sergeant, Patrol Watch Commander, and a variety of other law enforcement related assignments. Commander Madigan manages the ACSO small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (sUAS) program. Commander Madigan has worked with privacy rights groups, public agencies, and pilots to develop a model policy for sUAS usage by pubic law enforcement. Commander Madigan participated in the U.S. DOJ Expert Convening on sUAS for law enforcement in Washington, D.C. He has conducted numerous public presentations and has been a spokesperson for sUAS for public safety mission. ACSO has one of the most active sUAS units in the nation.