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Tech Talk Theater in the Exhibit Hall
Wednesday, October 4, 2017  |  2:45 PM - 3:15 PM

Open to All Attendees!

Unmanned Safety Institute: Developing an Ecosystem for UAS Safety

In its most basic form, an “ecosystem” is how living things interact with each other in their non-living environment. The term is most commonly used to describe humans, plants, animals and other organisms interacting with each other, and their environment, such as the earth and its atmosphere. Science gives us information about the planet and how to adapt to and protect our ecosystem. As living organisms our survival may depend on how successful we are. Consider the same concept for the UAS ecosystem, which includes people, such as UAS program managers, pilots, maintenance technicians, etc. and the environment in which they will operate. The environment includes the UAS technology itself, the organization’s program, regulatory agencies, etc. Unlike the planet’s ecology, there is very little information about the UAS ecosystem. There is no long-term historic data about the industry because it only began to emerge a little over a decade ago. There is however a wealth of knowledge and data in traditional manned aviation as to what is needed to assure safe and efficient operations and transferring these concepts to unmanned aviation is a logical approach to replicate a safety record that has been established over the course of a century. This Tech Talk will discuss how an organization looking to use UAS technology can develop a network of support that is SAFE, adaptable to new markets and technology, and scalable to meet current and future demands.

Speaker Aaron Greenwald, Senior Vice President, Unmanned, ARGUS International, Inc