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Room 2
Wednesday, October 4, 2017  |  2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Optimizing Drone Surveillance for Security and Business Uses

Denis R. Hébert
Chairman of the Board, Security Industry Association (SIA)
Nick Speidell
Chief Risk and Logistics Officer, The Green Solution
Jack Wu
CEO, Nightingale Security
Steve Reinharz
President & CEO, Robotic Assistance Devices

Drones are emerging on the world stage across industries, offering companies the ability to monitor critically important sites and help protect people, visitors, and assets from threats. But in addition to the security functionality of this technology, drones offer organizations the ability to use surveillance footage attained to offer significant business value in an effort to gain more situational awareness and streamline operations across an enterprise.


In this panel discussion, representatives will cover the business uses of commercial drones and their effect on the market. In particular, panelists will explore specific use cases for agricultural purposes - particularly in the budding market for marijuana production facilities. Panelists will talk about the challenges faced in many markets and how drone usage can address these needs, as well as the surveillance solutions in use in today's drone technology.


Learning Objectives:

• Identify ways in which commercial drone usage delivers business value in various markets.

• Discuss the challenges associated with protecting and overseeing recreational and medical marijuana production, and how these are addressed through drone usage.

• Identify the various surveillance solutions employed by commercial drones and the ways in which footage is used to optimize business and provide coverage.